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  In the late 1980’s , a company in SINGAPORE, under the name of PROGRESS MANUFACTURING PTE LTD was formed to meet the challenges of the fast growing construction business as the result of good economic growth in the region and ASIA.Most countries in the ASEAN region enjoyed strong economic growth particularly in the building of homes, factories and infra structure. PROGRESS MANUFACTURING PTE LTD being the pioneer and the biggest in this field then acquired POLE TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD, a pole manufacturing specialist into her expansion program as part of a concerted effort in expanding her market share in the industry.

  The president Mr LIM CHIN KEONG was able to visualize the potential of expansion into the regional market and thus established 2 Regional outlets namely in MALAYSIA, CK GALVANIZING SDN BHD and in the PHILIPPINES, CK GALVANIZING CORP. PROGRESS GALVANIZING PTE LTD operating from home base in SINGAPORE has a production capacity of churning out 6000 metric ton a month.Major projects involving government and private entities have been undertaken over the years such as the prominent SUNTEC CITY WATER FOUNTAIN, the TUAS IMMIGRATION CHECKPOINT, the HYFLUX WATER TREATMENT PLANT ( the biggest in the region ) to name a few.

  Being able to undertake major projects comes as the results of our total commitment to standard and quality in our production process. Since the establishment of CK GALVANIZING SDN BHD in 2001, we have contributed actively in the SOUTHERN MALAYSIA to supporting the construction industry and other related infra structure expansion.

  Today the growth potential remain strong with the government continuously releasing more major projects into the country with the aim of position the NUSAJAYA  as a major state Government and business hub to attract more foreign investment and create jobs.With this backdrop, we have re-invested in upgrading our operational capability in CK GALVANIZING SDN BHD to prepare us for this great opportunity ahead.

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